Wholesale Aluminum Foil Pans Half-Size Deep 

                                                 # Half-Size-Pan

ALUMINUM FOIL PANS- Includes 100 pieces of Disposable Half-Size Steam Table Aluminum tin foil pans,Comes Packed in a nice box so it dose not get damaged

MULTI-PURPOSE- Suitable for catering party portions, broiling, baking, cakes, pies, casseroles, cooking ,Baking ,and more; safe for use in freezer, oven, and steam table.

DIMENSIONS- Top outer measures 12.75 x 10.25 inches; top inner measures 11.75 x 9.25 inches; bottom measures 10.25 x 8 inches, depth is 2.25 inches.

SUPERIOR HEAT CONDUCTIVITY- Heats food evenly; withstands temperatures of up to 500 Fahrenheit.sturdy grip for easy handling and serving.

NO CLEAN UP- Just through away once finished! Perfect for a picnic or takeaway.


                                             $0.14/ each

                                       100 pieces / Case

                                 100 pieces X $0.14 =$14.00

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Wholesale Aluminum Foil Pans Half-Size Deep

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